SILO Technical Equipment



2 x Danley SH96HO 2800W mains

2 x Danley BC218 6800W main subwoofers (low-end extension down to 22 Hz)

2 x Danley SH46 2800W rear fills

2 x Danley TH115 rear subwoofer fills (2000W each)

4 x Danley 20K4 amplifiers (total 80,000 watts amplifier power)

2 x Danley SM60F 1600W DJ booth monitors

For Boiler Room style setups with the DJ on the floor (our default) we do not use sub monitors because of phasing issues. For shows with the DJ on stage we use 2 x Danley TH115 subwoofer monitors

Allen & Heath SQ-5 digital mixer (48 channels, 96kHz processing) with AR2412 and AB168 digital stage boxes

2 x Electro-Voice ELX200-12P 1200W 2-Way powered loudspeaker stage fills

2 x Electro-Voice ETX200-12P 2000W 2-Way powered loudspeaker mid room fills


5 x Pioneer CDJ-3000

4 x Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2

2 x Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable w/ Ortofon Concorde MK2 Club Cartridges

Pioneer DJM-V10 6-channel digital mixer

Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2 4-channel digital mixer

Pioneer DJM-S7 2-channel battle mixer for Serato

Allen & Heath Xone96 6-channel analog mixer

Pioneer DJ RMX-1000 Performance Effects System

Pioneer EFX-1000 DJ Effects Unit

DJ booth is usually positioned in the center of the dancefloor.

DJ is on an 8" high 8 ft x 6 ft riser.

DJ desk is 8 ft x 4 ft, at 36 " height from DJ platform level.


2 x Danley SH60 2000W 3-Way loudspeakers

2 x Danley TH115 2000W subwoofer

Mackie ProFX16 Mixer w/ reverb and delay

For front room events we have a rollable 2" deep x 8" wide DJ booth and we set up the main room monitor subwoofer and speakers


Shure SLXD Series Wireless System with 2 SM58 Handheld Transmitters and SLXD4D Wireless Receiver

An additional 2 Shure BLX288PG58 wireless mics with receiver

3 x Shure SM-58 vocal mic

3 x Shure SM-57 instrument mic

8 x Behringer XM8500 super cardioid vocal mics

CAD Stage 7 - 7-piece drum mic kit with stands

1 x Audix D6 kick drum mic

5 mic stands, 1 kick mic stand, two keyboard stands, music stand


200 watt Yamaha keyboard amp w/ 4 inputs

150 watt Ampeg bass amp

100 watt Fender Champion Combo amp with effects

4 passive DI boxes for plugging acoustic guitars/violins directly into the PA


88-key weighted Yamaha Motif keyboard

PDP Centerstage 5-piece drum kit. Drummers must bring snare, cymbals, and additional hardware if they need more than a hi-hat and two cymbal stands.

Pioneer XDJ-RX2 DJ Controller (compatible with Rekordbox)


14 x Rogue 300W R3 Beam Lights

4 x ADJ 18p Hex Par Stage Wash (capable of full blacklight, amber, white)

3 x ADJ Vizi Hex Wash 7 - Moving Head Stage Wash (capable of full blacklight, amber, white)

2 x X-Laser Caliente Aurora lasers

5 x ADJ 6p Hex Par - Fill Washes (front room bar)

2 x ADJ Inno Spot Pro (front room bar)

1 x Chauvet DJ Hurricane 2000 Fog Machine

1 x Chauvet DJ Hurricane Hazer 1DX (front room bar)

PC with twin touch screens and Grand MA 2 Command Wing and Fader Wing Control Boards


NEC PH1202HL1 12,000 lumen large venue DLP laser projector

8 x 4000 lumen, 300,000:1 contrast Optoma Projectors, projection mapped across ceiling and walls

12-core liquid cooled PC workstation with 8x4K HDMI outputs, running Resolume Arena 7


Main camera: Sony Alpha A7 III, 4K recording, 1080P streaming resolution, great in low light

2 x Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam, 1080P HD resolution, used for DJ closeups or second angle

Green Screen

2017 Macbook Pro running OBS Studio 29. We run sound to the stream directly from the FOH mixer digital output.