Age Restrictions

How old do I have to be to enter SILO?

All of our events are 21+ unless otherwise specified. For 21+ events, all guests must show their government-issued photo identification or passport upon entry.

Safer Spaces

How does SILO promote a Safer Space?

SILO is a space for people to dance, to hear music, and to express themselves. While you are here, we want you to feel safe, comfortable, and at home. We do not tolerate violence, harassment, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or bigotry of any kind. We do not allow unwanted contact. This includes leering, staring, and cutting off someone else’s ability to move freely.

What if I experience inappropriate behavior from someone?

If you experience behavior that is threatening or that makes you uncomfortable, please approach a staff member. Our staff is trained to handle these situations, and we will actively remove individuals who make others feel unsafe.


I’m a wheelchair user and want to experience a night at SILO. How do you make it accessible for me to enter?

All spaces in the venue, including the stage, are accessible to wheelchair users. Our main entrance at 90 Scott Avenue is accessible. Our staff is trained to assist you, so just give them a heads up when you arrive and they will make sure you’re able to get in. Reserved seating can be arranged by emailing If you have another accessibility concern, please email, and we would be happy to see how we can accommodate :)

What about restrooms?

All of our restrooms are gender neutral. There are three accessible stalls, one in each of the two restrooms at the front and one in the back behind the stage. If you need any assistance, just let a staff member know and they’ll help you out.

Do you guys use haze/fog?

Our ticketed music events have loud music and do use strobe lights, fog, and haze. If you have allergies or sensitivities to these things, please be aware that we use them in our performances.

I’m kind of hungry and thirsty. What should I do?

Food and snacks are available until 10pm on weekends and 2am on weekdays. Water and earplugs are always free, and you can find them at the front room bar.

Ticket Sales and Entry

How do I get tickets at SILO?

All tickets can be found on our page, and all ticket sales are final. If an event is postponed or rescheduled, ticket holders will be able to keep their ticket for the rescheduled date or claim a refund. In the event of a full cancellation, refunds will be processed automatically.

Will there be tickets at the door?

Yes! We sell tickets at the door on a first-come first-serve basis.

Do you only have ticketed events?

The front room lounge of SILO is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6pm to midnight and it’s free to enter. Stop in and have a drink :)

Are exits final? What if I gotta step out for a second?

All exits are final unless otherwise specified in the event’s ticket details.

What if I want to have a smoke?

There is a designated smoking area just outside the side door to the right of the stage. There will be a member of our security team at the door who will check your stamp upon re-entering the venue.

Its gonna be a hot night, but I got this big coat on guys got a coat check?

Yes! Each item is $4, cash or card.


Is vaccination required to enter SILO?

At this time, proof of vaccination is not required for entry to SILO events.